5 reasons why this society got to go: Part 5

Part 5 - This society got to go and why shouldn’t it?

by Mats Sederholm

So what should we have instead of this society? You can't abandon society just like that, can you? you might ask. You must have plans; you must take responsibility and come up with an alternative.
Well, let me ask you, dear reader, when your relationship is cracking apart and when you know that all that you were promised never ever will come true, when you realize that the relationship you engaged with once upon a time is going to make you miserable and drain your energy even more, and when you have realized that your partner’s endless promises are nothing but lies, do you then plan for your next girl- or boyfriend before moving on?

You are not obliged to provide any evidence or counterclaims for your visions of the future. You have the right to unconditionally doubt this world. You have the right to say no and the right to open the door in order to go outside without having to know what's there or to be able to tell others about it.

As people throughout history have progressed; allowing us, for example, greater freedom of speech and political democracy, it is evident that we are moving in the direction of greater influence. The desire for a continuation of this development is actually common to both left and right ideologies; it is common to everybody as it is the basis of all forms of human development.

The representative democracy has evolved from human development but is not the goal. In fact, at the moment, it is blocking it. It has been transformed into a representative power, a shackle holding us back.

There is an end to everything, everything goes in cycles, it's the law of rhythm. Turmoil seems threatening to most of us, however, history shows that every essential progress has been preceded by turmoil. So in order to refine democracy, to create a more human society, turmoil is a must. Reforms, which is the Establishment’s alternative, is a mirage, as all possible reforms will happen INSIDE the framework they created, inside the control of capitalism, surveillance, and the ruling of mankind from a global level. 

Does this praise for turmoil mean that I support the latest terrorist phenomena ISIS, or thousands of refugees dying trying to reach fortress Europe, or school shootings in US or all those new political movements related to racism etc? By now I guess you know the answer.

You may like or dislike Bernie Sanders or/and Donald Trump, but they and certainly not Hillary Clinton, are an expression of people’s call for change. You may like or dislike the Spanish party Podemos. In contrast to the old Spanish two parties PSOE (social-democratic) and PP (conservative), they are another expression of people’s call for change, an  attempt to move away from corruption and austerity.

We are in the midst of an adventure, in a time of mystery. It is an enigma how changes can spread so far and wide without any cohesive movement. The old world has passed its peak; its statues are cracking amidst the swirling dust caused by a multi-faceted awakening and so many people's subtle longing for change.

Not only do Black Lives and women's lives matter or the lives of the 99%, or any other group of oppressed people. This is a human matter, it's a call for dignity and justice, not only for complains, but for achievement. This is not a struggle between republicans and democrats, between Christians and Muslims or between west and east. The old world keeps all these conflicts and rages alive. People are taught that life must be a struggle and that human beings are basically evil. They’re taught that the enemy is their neighbor while capitalism, state authorities, banks, secret services and all those implementations of power that dominate and set the agenda, go free.

These are lies and illusions that now have passed the expiration-date. There is an end to everything, everything goes in cycles, it's the law of rhythm.

This is the last reason why this society not only has got to go, it's the reason it will go.

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5 reasons why this society got to go. Part 4

Part 4 - The old world dreamers and the new activists

By Mats Sederholm

One of the reasons why change is so hard to achieve is that many people remain with the belief that the existing society can make a fundamental change after all. Why move too far from your comfort zone, better the devil you know...

There are masses of  shortcuts; enticing calls from those who both wants to keep the old world and still strive towards a new one; an existential three-way-forecast, the only outcome of which is the decently quietened guilty conscience.

The existence of new world culture... with its complex power alloy of politicians, capitalism and state security services, tells us that there is a need for our current political and economic systems to be profoundly changed. That final step, however – to actually do it, is incredibly difficult. But if
we are to change society we first need to be prepared to dismantle the old one with no guarantee of where we are going.

When trying to articulate the need of another society, there are so many things involved that it may seem threatening; a denial of the whole of society and the surrounding world we have learned to strive for. Indeed, it can be so provocative that people become hostile, even those who are closest to us. The acceptance of what we still have – within the frenzied cycle of security offered by the power, and our constant attachment to it – seems better than no acceptance at all.

The hope for change, that we will succeed despite our isolation, has created myths and romance which that in reality are worth no more than the chance of winning the National Lottery. In the American dream, which is still very much alive, everyone has a chance. But in reality, the US is one of the countries in which the potential for social mobility is at its lowest.

For you who really had enough of this crazy world (where George Orwell's  classical quotes from 1984 becomes more and more real - "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength") what is required is a certain ability to get out of the old framework of thoughts. I would say a new kind of activist is needed, a kind of activist that has the courage to leave old identities and thought patterns behind.

The new activist is the backlash brought about the new world culture.

She or he is aware of it and can see all its implications and is, unlike the old activist, not blinded by party issues, politically biased thinking, media campaigns, blinkered opinions or other binding associations.

He or she prefers to search for the truth rather than for opinions or judgments. A prerequisite for the creation of peace is that truth comes before identity.

The new activist is a truth seeker; someone who has left the introvert schisms of the old world behind. The new activist is not just the one leading the struggle for the poor against social injustice, even though that kind of activist also changes things. The revolution will be played out as much within the middle class as any other part of society. The conservatives, autocrats, hawks and patriarchs exist in all camps.

The new activist is an evolutionary, an innovator. He or she is one who has woken up; who has a widened field of perception and has started to ”see the whole picture”. When that happens, one no longer holds prejudices and is less likely to envisage potential enemies and short-term goals.

The good news is, those new activists are spreading like a prairie fire, creating chaos and fear among main stream media editors, old world politicians, political analyzers as the old world framework seems to crack everywhere.

In June 2015, a poll of the electorate by examined Americans' confidence in different parts of society's institutions. On the question of whether the respondents had a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in different parts of society's institutions the result was: US Supreme Court 32%, Presidency 33% , Newspapers 24%, Big business 21%, Television news 21%  and Congress 8%.

In Europe, EU is shaken to the core not only because of Brexit, but because so few Europeans support the EU. Europeans are not Europeans, they are first of all French, Italian, Irish etc and so they reject the thought of a future European state that so many in the establishment are looking forward to.

And yes there are those who are wishing for a world parliament. One parliament, one culture and utterly one kind of personality, the dreaming one, the one drilled to run in the rat-race. The exhausted and soulless brick in the wall.

The old world will use all its weaponry. Politicians that will suppress human wishes for another society, media that picture the world according to a predefined set of public norms and political correctness, intelligence services that coordinates their control of the citizen together with state authorities and social media providers. And not least, your fellow citizen, the worried and forever enthralled one. The sleeping one.

This is the fourth reason why this society got to go.

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Svarte Petter eller Magica de Hex

Av Mats Sederholm

Världens mäktigaste man/kvinna ska snart utses, vem ska man hålla på? Och de flesta svarar förstås Clinton eftersom Trump är tokig.

Problemet är att såväl frågan som svaret bara är en akt i ett drama som råkar få en sanslös massa utrymme. Ett drama som vuxna människor och ett ansvarsfullt samhälle ska ha en vuxen åsikt om och ta på ett väldigt vuxet allvar. Ett drama som ingår i en normaliseringsprocess där människor (i detta fall främst den amerikanska befolkningen) ska förstå att de har inflytande och ges chansen till att få delta i något mycket stort.

Många fruktar Trump och hur världen ska se ut med honom i ovala rummet. Världens mäktigaste man, en människa med en till synes bristande empatisk förmåga och så storslagna i idéer om USA i världen att ett nytt världskrig synes hur nära som helst. Hur oroliga ska vi bli?
Nja, inte särskilt mycket av den enkla anledningen att det inte är presidenten som sätter ordningen?
Jag menar, hur stor skillnad kan en president (P) skapa?

Kan (vill?) P nämnvärt rucka på kapitalismens rovgiriga inflytande över människors vardag?
Kan P påverka medias inflytande och enorma påverkan på människors världsbild?
Kan P skapa avsevärda förbättringar för de fattiga?
Kan P ensam påverka NSA:s övervakning och sätta stopp för övervakningskulturen?
Kan P få människor att göra upp med sin livsångest, släppa det nerviga taget om mobilen och se varandra i ögonen igen?

Kan någon politiker?

P kan inte ens förbjuda vapen och kan endast med stor möda införa en urvattnad sjukvårdsreform.

P kan skapa mindre politiska variationer, små ringar på vattenytan. Och om P ska ges mandat till detta så är det bidragsgivare ur det existerande etablissemanget som behövs. P tillsätts genom öppen korruption och med en klen önskan  från det amerikanska folket. I en undersökning från Juni 2015 ( där människor fick frågan ifall de hade ett stort eller ganska stort stöd så blev resultatet:

US Högsta domstol 32%
Presidenten 33%
Kongressen 8%

Och inte minst, endast varannan medborgare bryr sig om att rösta.

Och om en P ändå på allvar börjar lyfta medborgares rättigheter som vision så går det som det gick för president John F Kennedy eller som för  Martin Luther King. När en kulturell förändring riskerar att få fäste så kommer systemet själv att förskjuta bort det likt ett immunsystem. Ett skott eller en granskningshistoria från gammelmedia (granskning är sanning, vad man väljer att granska är opinion) räcker.

Nej det är inte P eller våra egna politiker för all del som bestämmer, det är samhället som bestämmer. De är myndigheter, företag, mediekoncerner, kapitalism,  militär och underrättelseverksamheter som bestämmer. Och det är samarbetet mellan dessa maktinstanser som gör att det rullar vidare. En samsyn, ett outtalat (icke-konspiratoriskt) gemensamt värnande av det amerikanska samhället, av den anglosaxiska ordningen, av den vita mannens kultur och världsordning för att klä det i en feministisk ton, är vad som sätter ordningen .

Eller för att uttrycka det med den amerikanska ståuppkomikern  George Carlins ord: "The bullshit is the glue that binds this nation together" i sketchen: "Question everything"
Det flesta av alla tappade hakor, utmålade katastrofscenarios och hatartiklar i västvärlden inför Trumps segertåg  är som med opinionsdrevet mot Ryssland och Putin, ett spel i ett media-politiker-maskineri i syfte att hålla rätt på människors åsikter och ge dem en illusorisk upplevelse av att de är delaktiga i en demokratisk ordning där makten utgår ifrån folket och hjälpa dem med deras tankehygien.

Om Trump är farlig så är H Clinton det likaså. Åsa Linderborg (kulturchef på Aftonbladet) skrev en för gammelmedia ovanligt nyanserad artikel om detta.
Även Birger Schlaug har skrivit en artikel om det amerikanska två-parti systemet. Som gästledare på ETC nyhetstidningen från vänster, har han höjt ETC:s värde med minst 500%. Då gör det inte så mycket ifall han lagt sig till med lite ungröd retorik som i namnet på artikeln: Det amerikanska tvåpartisystemet måste KROSSAS. "

Den största behållningen med USA-valet är att det är underhållande och framförallt, det vittnar om en verklig och konkret åsiktsförändring bland människor i västvärlden. En till synes oroväckande och politisk röra för de som håller fast vid en gammal ordning. Ett nytänkande och frö till något nytt för de som söker en annan demokrati och ett annat samhälle. För de som vet att ju större oordning vi ser, desto större förändringar finns det förutsättningar för.


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5 reasons why this society got to go. Part 3

Part 3 - Economic growth enriches...well I don't know about that

By Mats Sederholm

Economic growth is probably the most common and obvious concept in the western world to look at when seeking to formulate the conditions for success and prosperity. Society believes that economic growth is important because otherwise everything would stop. There would be a recession with fewer jobs, less consumption, less business and less investment. Economic growth testifies to vitality, a positive direction and a prosperous society.

Anything that makes the wheel turn increases economic growth; new technologies that make it possible to produce more, more money that comes into circulation in society, more consumption, more manufacturing, more employees and so on.

But what is not emphasized  by politicians or economic analysts is that the western culture is driving people into a mist that, before long, we will not know how to get out of; a consumer culture that leads us away from our own abilities and our inherent power and puts us in danger of turning into mere consumers rather than creators of our own reality.

We must have a job, right. Yes the current society and its basic framework give us no other choice. But despite establishment's  persistent and unrelenting harping on about wage-earning being the most important part of life, reality tells another story: From a 2013 Gallup survey it is clear that only 13% of the world’s population are engaged with their work. In the US the figure is 29% and in western Europe 14%.

Most people will agree that stress, money and efficiency are playing increasingly important roles in their lives. People are burned out and have less energy. They try to find time to exercise, to be with their loved ones, to play with their kids, to just be; time to call old friends they have lost touch with. They try to solve the problem technically with the help of a rigorous time-optimization regime but lose moments of presence and quality. They sacrifice time for reflection, simplicity and togetherness.

A sense of unreality and emptiness has, over the years, spread across our western societies parallel to the increasing stress and drive for efficiency. Nobody knows why this is happening ... or so it seems.

Today, as growth is driven by capitalism, whether it is applied in the West or in countries like China, the aim is not to develop humanity but to benefit a few.

We believe we're developed because we can consume, when, in fact, we are the ones being consumed.

Our society needs growth in some sense if we are to develop; especially in the poorest parts of the world. But the necessary growth should be in harmony with our environment, with adapted technologies and, most of all, in tune with people and influenced by people.
The economic growth not only contributes to the climatic and environmental problems, this runaway train creates an even worse "human climate problem".

This is the third reason why this society got to go.

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5 reasons why this society got to go. Part 2

Part 2 - Politics should serve the people, not the politicians

Are you a leftist, rightist, greenist, a democrat or a republican?  Or do you perhaps feel a bit tired of all these labels. Must we choose between individualism and collectivism, between capitalism or the state controlling us or serving us? Where did all those categories come from by the way?

The only true good is democracy itself, our right to speak out in the political elections because that's one of the few occasions in our lives when those in power must turn their focus towards the people and when no one has the right to interfere with your opinion.

The question is if political democracy has the power to make fundamental changes in our society. Is it the will of the people that runs our society?

Has it been the Greek people in control over their future or has it been the banks, the EU and politicians trying to adapt to the "system" and then letting the people pay the bill? Who spread the rumors about lazy Greeks, Greeks that do not work as much as others etc.? News media and editors in northern Europe did so and they were factually wrong!

So who is actually running society one might ask? In school you were told that there are more or less two political directions to choose from. Then, media, politicians and analysts keep this left-right-clash alive. People then adapt  just the way they do when they are exposed to commercials. We buy stuff. We do so because we need to survive materially and socially.

What I want to pay attention to is how the world’s institutions have become more bonded, more than ever acting as a "system". A new power alloy has emerged in a relatively short time, the development of which has received almost no coverage in the newspapers. This has so far escaped the attention of in-depth discussion programs on television and writers on social issues. This alloy was exposed in the Brexit aftermath debates.

This new power alloy has resulted in a regime that forces people to adapt to an increasingly one-track political system; from its ineffective democracy, intensified surveillance presence, to the soporific influence of standardized entertainment and the playing down of signs that all is not well. It is a system that rapidly disconnects people from each other and plugs them into the "network".

Can political elections have any influence on this alloy? Is our current version of democracy… democratic?

The illusion of democracy is cracking.

Demonstrations, protests and turmoil are surging all over the western world as the view on democracy is changing. Fewer and fewer people buy the old illusion of democracy that we've been fed with since we were born.

The truth is that we're living in a society built on castes, on levels of power, in an old fashioned hierarchical system limited by a framework of assumptions and norms.

That's why so many people utterly experience their every day life they were slaves.

Media, politicians, schools and capitalists will never participate in a discussion of this basic nature. Bringing up these matters during the coffee-break at your job will make your colleges feel uncomfortable and so will the other parents when you speak out during a parents-teacher meeting. They keep silent, not necessarily because they would disagree to a system critical opinion. They keep silent because they're afraid of sticking out.

We live in a society ran by norms and traditions, upheld by an alloy of instances of power that is not very interested in abandoning their caste after all. This caste consists of people that invested their careers, their money and their identities in a system that paid them off.

The political system and democracy should serve the people. Today the system is serving itself, its own existence and the people that are fed by the system. Democracy today has faded away in a cloud of globalized interests. Multinational corporations, intelligence services, banks, authorities, etc. all of which are losing confidence among people.

This is the second reason why this society got to go.


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5 reasons why this society got to go. Part 1

Part 1 – Our society is beyond repair so let's move on?

By  Mats Sederholm

I en serie av fem relativt korta artiklar kommer vi att ge några enkla skäl till varför vårt gemensamma samhälle behöver en grundläggande förändring.
Artiklarna är denna gång på engelska eftersom de huvudsakligen kommer att publiceras på forum runt om i västvärlden. Vi har inte ansträngt oss med att översätta till svenska vilket skulle ta en hel del tid. Vi tror dock att nästan alla kan läsa detta utan några större problem.

Denna del 1 påminner en del om föregående klasskampskrönika eftersom den är skriven för ny publik, fortsättningen kommer dock att vara mer "ny".

Mats & Linda

Part 1 – Our society is beyond repair so let's move on?

Have you had a vague feeling that the world doesn´t work the way it should; that our everyday lives are becoming unreal and slowly taking on a less substantial quality? It is a feeling that countless people share. The problem is that there seems to be a lack of words and ways in how to express it.

Imagine society as a patient suffering from a disease or actually several diseases.  What about those who have the official power and responsibility for the patient; the establishment?  Do they contribute to any kind of recovery?  Nope!
Politicians, capitalism and media propose many solutions to this global misery pandemic.  But still no recovery, rather the contrary, more and more people are suffering from psychological illness. The gap between rich and poor keep growing, and more people than ever feel abandoned by the society. One may then ask if the treatments are meant to heal the patient or if they're meant to keep the patient in status quo, securing the establishments' status as the only healers and experts in power.

So we need a major change, another kind of society that prioritizes collaboration instead of competition, transparency before strategies, trust instead of fear, participation before obedience and blind acceptance. It's time to listen to the patient, to see the patient, to be the patient as the patient is the many.

The establishment always requires your respect. You're expected to dress up, choose your vocabulary, don't get too private, keep your distance when dealing with rich people, politicians, authorities etc.  Still, they don't necessarily respect you. Who is serving who?

Brexit revealed how tight the establishment is. The whole western world of politicians, media, capitalists, etc. spoke with one voice of contempt after the referendum. Where did the democratic tradition go, why weren't we served that nice plate of mixed political conclusions and analyzes, self-criticism and a variety of intelligent media opinions that we could expect, having a democratic tradition?  Instead, 52% of the UK voters were handled with contempt.

When politicians, newspaper editors and economical experts work as ONE it's reflected by people as they will reject the establishment as ONE regardless of political color and history. It's action and REaction. 

But when people start to react to the society with negative emotions and with a general distrust, rather than participating in the existing debate controlled by the establishment, they enter the  “danger zone” - they starts being regarded as... populists!

You may ask yourself: "Populist? Well, no thanks, I'm not a populist and  I certainly don't believe in Donald Trump, Marie Le Pen and those cold-hearted, emotionally abusing screamers. Are you among them that support such people, Mats?".

And NO, I'm certainly not.

My point is, this kind of spontaneous associations with this kind of populists is what has been established. That's what the official debates have told us. If you have a general distrust in society, you're automatically associated with this "trash-quality" of opinions. And as you've been labeled a populist there is  no need to include you in the social debate. Don't buy this. It's just another example of power strategies. What's happening is that those that criticize the system fall into the trap and turn on each other.

The truth is, a vast majority of people are not extremists, they care for other people but are exhausted by the labor-consumption-wheel. Still people's brains are not completely disconnected. They only wish that the society could be less fearful, less condemning, more democratic, more empathic etc. Of course they care for the environment, of course they wish that more people could live a decent life, if it's carried out in just manner and not controlled by the few.
The problem is: this kind of person is more or less invisible. People who care for others but at the same time are critical to how the western society is ran are not being taken seriously, at least not in the public world.

And so they have no voice, and so there is nothing for them to vote for. But still they're out there, I know that, in thousands and millions.

This is the first reason why this society got to go.

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